Security service providers handle tasks to prevent danger and provide preventative measures. These tasks require maximal organisational and technical know-how.  This includes use of up-to-date technology in addition to comprehensive and strict defence.

Depending on the contract security personnel can also be responsible for protection of the environment, emergency management, surveillance of industrial infrastructure (e.g. detection of gas or other leaks), as well as protection of sensitive military and civilian properties.

Drones should be considered as supplemental technological initiator to enable the adequate fulfilment of complex task given to service companies.

Drones can be equipped with specialised sensors such as infrared and laser along the standard photo and video equipment.  This offers quick, reliable and uncomplicated execution of a plethora of tasks. Extended surveillance and documentation are possible in less time using the same work force, thus making it more cost efficient.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Nonstop surveillance from a bird’s eye perspective
  • Response for Security Thread
  • Scheduled Guard Tour from a bird’s eye perspective
  • Border Patrol from a bird’s eye perspective
  • Retrieval of people using infrared and heat imaging technology
  • Efficient control and support of work force
  • Cost efficient coverage of large areas
  • Self-sufficient, infrastructure-independent technology for deployment in remote areas
  • Inspections and monitoring of industrial infrastructure




Training for flight operators and flight instructors are offered at the in Kuala Lumpur but can also be given on-site. The training includes extensive theoretical and practical knowledge for the efficient use of the  Drone Solution.

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