About Us


Science is about knowing; engineering is about doing.

– Henry Petroski

PRO-E Technologies, since its inception in 2003, has evolved from a commission-based agent of engineering product hardware suppliers into a well-established and leading Integrated Solutions provider.

In  more  than  17  years,  we  have  served  many  key  industries  including  Government,  Chemicals,  Power,  Utilities, Infrastructures and Manufacturing.

We  are  one  of  the  pioneers  and  the  leading  supplier  for  automation  and  electronic  security  in  area  of  critical infrastructures since 2005.

With  this,  we  have  penetrated  strongly  into  the  segments  and  became  one  of  the  most  sought-after  substation automation and physical security integrated management vendor.

From  automation,  we  have  expended  our  expertise  into physical security integrated management and transformed into an EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning) company for a  wide  range  of  Integrated  Security  System,  Remote  Automation  and  System  Integration  for  onshore  &  offshore applications.

Our business partners and customers, especially those in the Power and Critical Infrastructures Industry, recognise our expertise  and  at  many  times  appointed  us  as  their  technical  service  provider in  the  field  of  engineering,  integrated solutions and site services for their oversea projects.

Henceforth, our experience has provided us with significant depth and understanding to the unique demands of our customers. Our determination drives us to work closely with them to ensure all projects are met with the best solutions and implementations.

Albeit being the leader in our field of technical services, we continue to strive for continuous growth, ensuring that we are parallel to the industry leaders that we serve. Our journey of growth is our vision now and in the coming future. 

Vision & Mission


To be the business partner that provides:

Excellence in solutions and services to customers

Excellence in growth and development for employees, shareholders and stakeholders. 

  • Workplace

Being a Learning Organization where employees, the company’s most important assets, are inspired to transform to be the best they can be.

  • Marketplace

Being the market leader in our field of controls and security business and to foster a network of business partners and an environment of mutual loyalty with each other.

  • Community & Environment

Being responsible corporate citizen with staff participation that makes a difference.


Maximizing return to shareholders while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.

Organizational Information


PRO-E Technologies   brings   together   latest   technology   and   engineering   from   global   manufacturers   to   provide innovative solutions and services for our customers with a local touch and professionalism. 

PRO-E Technologies is staffed with a group of dedicated employees who are experienced and suitably qualified in the field of work they work in. More than half our staff and managers are technically trained and qualified engineers with relevant industry experiences. For over 7 years as the local business partner for Beckhoff Automation, Fast Systems, Southwest Microwave and Cathexis our engineers have acquired not only product knowledge but also industry focused application knowledge for Control systems  and security solutions.  We  provide  business  results  to  our  customers  through  the  correct  application  of  products, services  and  solutions  that  contribute  to  our  customer’s  enterprise  in  the  areas  of  control,  safety,  efficiency,  and reliability.

Our  local  team  can  support  your  project  planning  activities  from  grass  root  project  engineering  stage,  whether  your requirement   involves   a   single   piece   of   equipment,   a   complete   engineered   control   system,   local   training   or engineering  services  for  the  technology  you  already  own.  We  strive  to  develop  a  long-term  relationship  with  each customer by taking ownership and working together until the solution is implemented.

We provide life-cycle services to help you maximize your plant’s efficiency, capacity and reliability, and minimize your risk  of  downtime.  Our  service  specialists  receive  factory  trainings  to  stay  current  with  technological  changes  and execute  best  maintenance  practices  to  ensure  quality  workmanship  to  guarantee  equipment  running.  We  have extensive  experiences  in  supporting  plant  turnaround  services,  plant  retrofits,  refurbishments,  loop  audit  services  and maintenance contracts in areas of Control & Security besides conventional product services and product diagnostic services.

PRO-E  Technologies  conducts  periodic  product  engineering  /  application  and  maintenance  schools  as  part  of  our after sales value added services to our customers.

Corporate Responsibilities

Responsible Corporate Citizen

As  a  responsible  corporate  citizen,  PRO-E  Technologies  take  initiatives  in  giving  back  to  the  community.  PRO-E  Technologies  constantly  strive  to  improve  the  quality  of  life  in  the  workplace  and  community  by  focusing  on  their employees’ well-being, people development, customer care and community support, safety and environment.

People Development 

PRO-E  Technologies views its employees as an important asset that will continue to contribute to its future growth and success. As a long-term business strategy, PRO-E  Technologies will continue to invest in staff learning and development relevant to their areas of work.   Emphasis is being placed on the continuous upgrading and development of skills and competencies.   Programmes   are   being   implemented   to   nurture   an   adequate   pool   of   effective,   dynamic   and technically   competent   workforce   to   sustain   the   PRO-E  Technologies’s   superior   performance,   commitment   to excellence and prepare them for career progression. 

Employees  are  also  encouraged  to  lead  a  healthy  lifestyle  and  have  work  life  balance.  Talks  and  news  bulletin  on health, safety awareness and other relevant topics for personal development are conducted on a regular basis.

Our vision is to be Learning Organization where employees are inspired to transform to be the best they can be. PRO-E  Technologies’s  current  practice  and  direction  is  in  line  with  Malaysia’s  vision  in  developing  our  local  resources  & capabilities for nation building.

Customer Care 

In an increasingly competitive landscape, PRO-E  Technologies will continue to strive harder and commit resources to exceed    expectations    of    its    stakeholders    and    sustain    its    legacy    of    strong    growth    and    leadership.    PRO-E  Technologies   will   continue   to   invest   in   human   capital   to   deliver   superior   performance   and   stay   ahead   of   its competitors.

Our customers come to PRO-E  Technologies because we get things done professionally. We have proven our ability to deliver   innovative,   reliable   solutions   anywhere  they   need   them.   So   that   whatever   the   demand,   whatever   the challenge, we work hand in hand with our customers.

PRO-E  Technologies is a local company that brings together global technology and engineering to provide innovative solutions  for  our  customers.  Together  with  our  principals,  we  deliver  comprehensive  customer  solutions.  We  conduct customer satisfaction survey annually to obtain feedbacks to ensure continuous customer satisfactory. Our vision is to have world-class staff providing localized services that understands our business partners’ requirements and culture.


We  believe  in  striking  a  balance  between  profitability  and  our  social  responsibility  to  the  communities  in  which  we operate.  In  reaching  out  to  society,  we  organize  programmes  to  encourage  and  support  our  employees  in  their voluntary efforts to connect with the communities that need our help. Besides financial assistance, our commitment to serve disadvantaged groups and communities goes the extra mile with the proactive involvement of our employees at the grassroots level dedicating their time and energy as volunteers.




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