Today, substations are a mix of modern and legacy technologies and devices. There is a strong need for telecontrol, remote management, and standardization of protocols and interfaces between different modules. Pro-E provides software development services around modeling and testing tools, substation network device configuration, diagnostic software, and developing and testing SCADA systems. Our services provide vendors with a complete substation automation system environment to build Smart Substations of the highest quality, while lowering operational and maintenance costs.

Pro-E development services to increase network reliability

  • SCADA development
    With its many years of experience in developing world-class SCADA components and deploying them at our customers’ facilities, Pro-E is capable of redesigning and modernizing SCADA systems to introduce new functionality without time-to-market losses for any vendor on the market.
  • Intellectual Electronic Devices Development
    Pro-E’s Energy Practice builds today’s smart substations, recommends the right technology, deploys and develops substation automation system software, tests IEDs, manages security issues, and testis, tunes, and secures wireless networks.
  • Intellectual Electronic Devices Integration
    Different devices use different protocols and communication standards, but the Pro-E team can integrate those into a seamless network of interconnected managed and monitored devices that increase substation reliability and performance.
  • Data Management
    With substation automation, the number of data sources is continually growing causing a parallel increase in the data that must be processed to improve substation reliability and network utilization. Pro-E helps to manage high volumes of data online and develops complex visualization solutions and frameworks.


End-to-end solution delivery

  • Full-cycle application development and support
  • Architecture design and analysis
  • Adaptors and connectors to legacy systems and metering systems development
  • Reporting, analysis, and visualization tools integration
  • In-depth knowledge of interoperability standards
  • Full-cycle hardware design, development, and maintenance
  • Quality assurance and development processes


Pro-E is the ideal technology partner for SAS vendors and Utilities

  • Testing and management of IEDs
  • Extensive experience in developing energy applications
  • Hardware setup and management, software development
  • Cutting-edge solution adoption and deployment
  • Strong partnerships with key vendors, both worldwide and local
  • Active participation in energy standards development
  • End-to-end service offerings, including hardware and software development
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