In a rapidly changing environment, existing Energy Transmission and Distribution Management system software often have to be redesigned to fit new requirements. That complicated task requires an in-depth knowledge of modern technologies and deployment methods, special skills in automated quality assurance, an exhaustive knowledge of the industry knowledge, and it must be done within a reasonable budget. Combining these factors is the key to success in any project. Pro-E has provided customizing solutions for customers, and working with industry standards.

PRO-E — Your Solution Provider for Transmission & Distribution Automation System

Pro-E provides customers with professional services in designing and developing complex EMS system modules that increase the effectiveness of EMS projects, reducing their costs, and improving time to market.

  • Energy Management Systems (EMS) deployment
    Pro-E has completed EMS deployments that range from implementing renewable energy sources support to integration into the customer’s IT environment.
  • Energy Management Systems (EMS) modernization.
    Pro-E has a complete portfolio of projects to enhance legacy EMS systems with a modern, more productive user interface. We have built visualization kits for working in a collaborative environment and created a unified “look and feel” to reduce development time.
  • Fault prevention.
    Pro-E builds fault-prevention components that provide special action functionality to prevent faults in network operations, thereby increasing the quality of services. This requires high-performance data management and analysis solutions to be deployed, which is also part of the Pro-E portfolio.
  • Standards and protocols.
    Pro-E has been working with different hardware and communication protocols for many years. While open standards can contribute to lower IT costs, their deployment within EMS requires additional effort. Because of this, it is always better to integrate different standards and protocols with the company at the forefront of utilities market standardization and the convergence of energy management systems. Pro-E is proud to provide professional services in this area.

The benefits of working with Pro-E include:

  • Changes and constraints are adapted without significant infrastructure modernization
  • Power grid reliability is increased
  • Operation and maintenance costs are managed and optimized
  • Security of the electric power grid is improved and managed effectively
  • Enterprise assets management is based on up-to-date information that is gathered efficiently from the network


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