Facility protection starts at the perimeter, detecting intruders before any potential problems occur.  Our solutions use a combination of technologies to maximize detection performance  and minimize false alarms.


Early Warning PIR Detection


Fiber Optic PIDS – Security AHS – Command & Control


Electro Fence  – Perimeter Intrusion Detection System


Video Management , Video Analytics.

PIDS Solution that meets all challenges

PRO-E Automation a pioneer in its field, has become the benchmark for the perimeter security industry.

PRO-E Automation provides a full range of PIDS and fencing hardware and has become a globally known and respected company.PSIMPRO-E Automation’s PIDS Solution has become a household name and are now being specified by many governments, local authorities and industries as the product of choice to protect their utilities, correctional facilities and defence infrastructures.

This has been achieved by PRO-E Automation’s continuous innovation, fast response to the changing dynamics experienced in the security field, there liability of their products and the continuous support and close working relationship with their clients.

This site offers you a holistic look into the PIDS solution that PRO-E Automation designs and supply, which include a comprehensive range of PIDS product. The PRO-E Automation solution range addresses many types of fencing needs ranging from domestic, retail and commercial, to airports, power stations, defence
facilities and utilities.

FenceFence/ Wall Mounted


CulvertUnderwater Outlet /Culvert

wallFence/Wall Mounted Advanced Taut Wire